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Welcome to call the customer service hotline of Zhejiang Xida Dress Co., Ltd.You are our most important customer, you will get the most satisfactory answer through our services. We try to establish a perfect after-sales service system which is not only focus on the solution of the problem. We always believe that after-sales are the extension of service, rather than the termination of service.

Service standards:

               a. Ensure customer satisfaction.
               b. Exceeding the customer¡¯s hope.

Service tenet:

To create the highest value (maximum reduce your consumption of time, cost, physical strength and energy).

Service manual rules:

a. Zhejiang Xida Dress Co., Ltd will provide you with qualified product sample, product catalog, product consultation, technical guidance and other related services;

b. According to customer¡¯s written order, and customer¡¯s (or direct customer¡¯s) confirmation of product quality standards to provide customers with large qualified cargo products, and to determine by the form of contract;

c. After receiving the customer's order, if the order needs change, and then the customer can ask for written change within that day (except the special condition in which customers require order in advance.), the customer should be responsible for the loss formed by overdue change.

d. Zhejiang Xida Dress Co., Ltd must provide customers with " clearing list of products", and clear the terms of after-sales service and telephone  number of customer service, etc.;

e. According to the principle of promptness, safety, economy to arrange the transportation to the designated place for customer. The customer should be responsible for expenses caused by his requirements of urgent or air transport;

f. For customers to provide packaging specifications of packaging services, special requirements of packaging fee should before the agreement signed by both parties in advance, otherwise by the client to bear.

g. On receipt of the goods, according to established standards of quality testing, if found quality problems the customers should take good care of the cargo,  reflect it to my company timely, and submitted big enough sample goods to my company , if the quality objection is true, we will promptly refund, replacement;

h. Zhejiang Xida Dress Co., Ltd reminds you, the following circumstance does not belong to retreat, replacement services scope.
      a. All because of client factors causing the stains to the commodity appearance or physical damage.
      b. All the force majeure (such as flood, fire, lightning, earthquakes and other natural factors) causes damage to the product;
c. Everything damages results from scratches, corrosion, the mildew, rust because of the external environment or undue use;
d. No alter, tear up the sales contract of, written orders, product clearing sheet, Xida printed products;
e. Exceeding the payment deadline, the customer doesn't pay or refuses to pay;
f. The physical damage caused by the customer matching our products with products from other companies.

i. Xida company for customer quality objection and service complaint handling, within 24 hours to reply, and give customers satisfied with the results;

j. Consultation service:
   You can consult information or services related to goods from my company sales staff or Technical Service Center, also via available email or visit our website to obtain information about.

k. My company will modify the terms of the content under the circumstances; the revised content will be announced, the above provisions of Zhejiang Xida Dress Co., Ltd has the final explanation right.

                                                                              Zhejiang Xida Dress Co., Ltd

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